NAN Infant Formula Updates
You will start to see updates to our NAN Infant Formula product range. These changes are part of our commitment to providing balanced, high quality nutrition, backed by over 150 years of Nestlé scientific expertise.


Parenting tips on how to transition


TRANSITIONING ADVICE: A baby may better adapt when changes in feeding are introduced gradually. Alternating between the old and new formula feeds may ease transition. Whenever you change from one feeding option to another it’s important to give your baby some time to adapt to the new feed. This can be up to 2 weeks. 

The updates include:

  • Updated recipes
  • NAN SUPREME will now be called NAN SUPREMEpro
  • QR code on the back of each tin to access video preparation instructions
  • Australasian Recycling Logos showing the recycling requirements of individual components of the packaging

For more information, please contact our Careline on 1800 468 8736.