NAN SUPREME 3 is updating to NAN SUPREMEpro 3

NAN SUPREME toddler changing to NAN SUPREMEpro toddler

Our latest scientifically advanced formulations are based on Nestlé's research on immunity, digestion and metabolism and the updates include: 

  • NAN SUPREME Toddler Milk Drinks are now NAN SUPREMEpro Toddler Milk Drinks.
  • Updated recipe.
  • NAN SUPREMEpro 3 Toddler Milk Drink includes vitamin B6 which is necessary to transport and metabolise iron in your child’s body. We’ve also added vitamin B12 to NAN SUPREMEpro 3 Toddler Milk Drink to help support little immune systems. NAN SUPREMEpro Toddler Milk Drinks can be enjoyed supplementary to a varied diet when energy and nutrient intakes are inadequate.
  • NAN SUPREME 4 Toddler Milk Drink already contained vitamin B6, so the new NAN SUPREMEpro 4 Toddler Milk Drink recipe has been updated to include vitamin B12.


The updates to NAN SUPREMEpro Toddler Milk Drinks are part of wider updates across our NAN Toddler Milk Drinks range, with updated recipes and a new look. 

NAN Toddler Milks updates