Subscription service

Subscription Service

‘Subscription’ allows you to reorder and pay for your Nestlé infant nutrition products automatically based on a chosen frequency.

The Conditions of Sale automatically apply to any order placed through Subscription. In the event of a conflict between the Conditions of Sale and these conditions related to Subscription, the conditions related to Subscription will prevail.

“Your Order Will Soon Ship” Notification

4 days before your recurrent order is due to be shipped by us, you will receive a written notification from us to inform and remind you of the date of shipment, the details of your Product basket, the total price of your recurrent order and whether any Product is out of stock.


Payments shall be made by credit card or PayPal. All recurrent orders will be billed to your credit card on the day of shipment.

In the event that your credit card cannot be charged, Nestlé will place your order on hold and send you a notification that the payment could not be executed. Your order will be shipped upon receipt of your payment.

If your payment is declined, an email will be sent advising you to check and update your payment details, Nestlé will then attempt to take the payment again 3 days later unless you cancel your subscription.

Modification And Cancellation

You are entitled to cancel your Subscription(s) or modify the Product(s) basket, the frequency or any customer detail at any time free of charge.

In the event that you cancel your Subscription before or while your order is being shipped, you are entitled to refuse the delivery of the Product(s) and, in the event that you received the Product(s) to return the order in accordance with the present Conditions of Sale.

Out Of Stock

If one of your Product(s) included in your recurrent order is out of stock at the moment of the “your order will ship soon” notification, we will notify you in this notification and will still ship your other Product(s) at your requested frequency, unless the order is cancelled by you.

You will not be charged for any Product(s) which is out of stock.