CERELAC Apple pouch - 90g
CERELAC Apple pouch - 90g

CERELAC Apple pouch - 90g

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Nestlé CERELAC Apple puree is made with 100% natural fruit plus vitamin C, introducing your baby to even more exciting new tastes and textures. Rich in vitamin C, Nestlé CERELAC Apple Puree helps support the immune system and the absorption of iron. Enjoy Nestlé CERELAC Apple Puree as part of a varied diet. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. No additives, no added starches.  


Apple puree (98%), apple juice concentrate (1.9%), lemon juice concentrate, vitamin C.


Squeeze directly onto spoon or into a bowl. Spoon feeding is important for baby’s development. To serve warm place pouch in hot water. Before serving, check the temperature by squeezing a small amount onto your wrist. Never microwave the pouch.

Warning: keep the cap out of reach of children. Always supervise your baby while eating. If the pouch looks damaged or inflated, do not use.


Mothers should continue breastfeeding during and after introduction of complementary foods. As babies grow at different paces, health professionals should advise the parents on the appropriate time when their baby should start receiving complementary foods.